Garden Pipes, PVC Pipes and Fittings

Plumbing is an important construction activity, while also being required for maintenance to ensure durability of structures and making them habitable. You can buy Pipes & Fittings online from us. We, at Metro Tubing, provide a range of Pipes & Fittings like cocks, filters, valves, pipes, nozzles and much more. You can choose from brands like Samrat, Oswin, Gajanand, Minita, Laxmi and many others.

Washing Machine Adapter

A Washing Machine Adapter helps you connect your washing machine inlet to the water tap for continuous water supply. We provide all types of Washing Machine Adapters in all standard sizes. You can buy Washing Machine Adapters from us.

Akash Cock

Plastic cocks are great for plumbing as they do not suffer from problems like rust. You can buy Akash Cocks from us. We provide Akash Cocks in all standard sizes and types.

PVC Cock

PVC Cocks are economical alternatives to their stainless steel or iron cousins, and are immune to corrosion. You can buy PVC Cocks from us. We provide high-quality PVC Cocks from brands like Gajanand and others.


Safe and pure drinking water is every individual’s right. You can avail this right by getting high-quality water filters that eliminate all water-borne impurities. You can buy Filters from us, and choose from brands like Minita, Olympic, shower, and Zero B.

Foot Valve

A Foot Valve is an important and indispensable component of pipes or suction pumps. It forms a unidirectional inlet that allows the flow of water in one direction only. You can buy Foot Valves from us, and choose from popular brands like Gajanand.

Ball Valve

Metro Tubing provides high-quality Ball Valves for all your plumbing and fitting needs. These Ball Valves have cup-shaped opening in which a ball fits, to stop or start the supply of liquids. Take a pick from popular brands like Gajanad, when you buy Ball Valves from us.

Gas Pipe

Connecting your Piped Gas connection or LPG cylinder to your gas stove in a safe manner is very important. To achieve this, you can buy Gas Pipes from us. We provide Gas Pipes in all standard sizes from brands like Suraksha, Laxmi and many more.

Hose Clip

A Hose Clip holds you gase pipe or hose in place, when connected to high-tenson sources like gas or water pipelines. You can buy Hose Clips from us. We provide high-quality, sturdy Hose Clips from brands like Jolly, Samrat, China and others.

Hose Clip Patti

When a soft, pliable hose needs to be affixed to a source in a secure manner, the Hose Clip Patti is used. You can choose from an array of standard-sized Hose Clip Pattis available with us. You can buy Hose Clip Pattis from brands like Samrat and others.

Washing Machine Inlet Pipe

Now, you can easily hook up your automatic washing machine to a water source using this Washing Machine Inlet Pipe. We, at Metro Tubing, provide high-quality Washing Machine Inlet Pipes in all standard sizes from reputed brands like Oswin. Buy Washing Machine Inlet Pipes from us now!

Washing Machine Outlet Pipe

An outlet pipe for a washing machine lets out waste water that results from the washing of clothes. Now, you can buy Washing Machine Outlet Pipes from us. We stock all standard sizes of these pipes from popular and reliable brands like Oswin.

Semi Washing Machine Inlet Pipe

We provide all standard sizes of Semi Washing Machine Inlet Pipes. You can buy Semi Washing Machine Inlet Pipes from us, and choose from trusted brands like Oswin and others.


Hose Joints allow you to connect pipes of differing diameters together or connect a smaller or bigger pipe to an inlet or outlet. You can buy Hose Joints in all standard sizes and types from us. We provide Hose Joints from brands like Gajanand and others.


A Nozzle works much like a joint except that it can only connect a pipe to a source. You can buy Nozzles and choose from brands like Minita and many more. We maintain a huge inventory of all standard sizes and types of Nozzles.

Petrol Pipe

Have you ever been stranded midway, when your vehicle runs out of petrol? You can easily wriggle out of this tricky situation by siphoning out a minimum quantity of petrol from another vehicle. You can buy Petrol Pipes for this. We provide Petrol Pipes of standard lengths and sizes, from brands like Metroflex and others.

Level Tubes

Measuring out liquid levels is easy with Level Tubes. You can now, buy Level Tubes from us. We stock all standard sizes of Level Tubes from brands like Hi Flex and others.

PVC Pipes

PVC Pipes are sturdy and flexible tools for supplying water from a source to a destination. They come in handy, especially for gardening and watering purposes. You can buy PVC Pipes from us. We stock standard sizes of PVC Pipes from brands like Metro Flex, Super Gold, Lucky Flex, Sunny Flex.

Rubber Hoses

A Rubber Hose is a leakproof solution for transporting water from point A to point B, and is great for gardening and car washing among other applications. You can buy Rubber Hoses from us, and choose from reputed brands like Dunlop and many others.

Electric Pipe

When creating concealed electrical connections or for ensuring efficient cable management, Electric Pipes are great. These insulated pipes come in all standard sizes from brands like Hi Flex and many others. Now, you can buy Electric Pipes, from Metro Tubing.

Grey Duct Hose

During the fitting and maintenance of air-conditioners and other equipment, a Grey Duct Hose comes in handy for ducting. You can buy Grey Duct Hose from us, in a variety of standard sizes and lengths.

PVC Sleeve

PVC Sleeves are great for creating and extra sheath over wires to shield them from physical or environmental damage. We provide PVC Sleeves in all standard sizes from reputed brands like Metroflex and many others.


Nothing beats the steady, relaxing stream of water that a Shower can produce in a bathroom. Now, you can buy Showers from us. We stock showers of all standard types and in all standard sizes.

Waste Pipe

Waste Pipes help connect metal sinks and wash basins to drainage holes and pipes in building construction. We provide Waste Pipes in all standard sizes and types. You can buy Waste Pipes from us, and choose from brands like Oswin and many more.

Spray Gun

A Spray Gun can be used for spray painting, washing and watering, or for other applications like spraying liquid pesticide on crops. You can buy Spray Guns from us. We provide Spray Guns in all standard sizes and types.

Canvas Hose

A Canvas Hose forms one of the preliminary tools in fire safety, and is used for spraying water. It folds into a small roll when not in use. You can buy Canvas Hoses from us. We stock all standard sizes from reputed brands like Phoenix, Samrat and many others.

Samson Pipe

Samson Pipes are known for their integrated PVC braided structure that makes them flexible and durable, and a better alternative as compared to rubber hoses and pipes. Now, you can buy Samson Pipes from us. We stock all standard sizes and types of Samson Pipes.