Abrasive tools are a must for grinding, sanding and cutting activities when working with metals and other materials. We, at Metro Tubing, maintain a full inventory of all abrasive products and tools like sander discs, wheels, sand paper, and more in all standard sizes. Products from reputed brands like Super Ultra Touch, Norton, Hitachi, Eversharp, John Okay, and many more are readily available with us.

Alkon Sander Disc

The AlKon Sander Disc is perfect for sanding surfaces and preparing them for weld grinding. It can be used with portable fibre disc sanding machines, both electric and pneumatic. You can buy AlKon Sander Discs from us in a variety of standard types and sizes.

Zirkon Sander Disc

We stock ZirKon Sander Discs in a variety of sizes. These sander discs are compatible with portable fibre disc sanders and are very handy for fabrication tasks. Made from ZirKonia Alumina grains, these discs are very durable and last long. Buy ZirKon Sander Discs today!

Plastic Disc

These Plastic Discs are vacuum discs that are used for mounting glass on wooden or steel table frames. You can buy Plastic Discs from us. We provide these Plastic Discs in all standard sizes and types.

Flap Disc

The Flap Disc from Super Ultra Touch is ideally suited for grinding, stock removal, right angle grinding, cleaning, finishing, rust removal or any other similar tasks. The rectangular cloth flaps are securely glued to the backing plate. We stock these Flap Discs in all standard sizes.


Grinding stone or glass surfaces efficiently and effortlessly can be quite a challenge. We, at Metro Tubing, provide G.C.Wheels in all standard sizes for this purpose. The G.C.Wheel is a flexible grinding wheel that can be used for deburring and trimming too.

Cut Off Wheel

Cutting metals can be quite a challenge, if you are not equipped with the right tools. We provide Cut Off Wheels, specially designed for cutting tough metals like steel and iron, effortlessly. These durable wheels are available in all standard sizes from brands like Super Ultra Touch, Ultra Touch, Hitachi, Norton, White Dove, and DeWalt.

Grinding Wheel

Grinding metals is easy with the Grinding Wheel that you can buy from us. We provide these durable and high-performing Grinding Wheels in a host of standard sizes. You can choose from reputed brands like Super Ultra Touch, Ultra, and Hitachi.

Sponge Wheel

Now, you can complete your DIY aeromodeling projects or replace the damaged wheels of your RC controlled airplane with this sponge wheel from Ultra Touch. We, at Metro Tubing, provide this sponge wheel in various standard sizes.

Water Paper

When sanding painted surfaces, especially during wet applications; a waterproof sanding paper comes in handy. A range of waterproof sanding papers in varying sizes and shapes are available with us, from brands like John Okay and Eversharp. This paper integrates proven granulating and coating technology that makes it durable.

Multi Cut Paper

Multi Cut Papers like glasspapers or sandpapers are one of the most commonly used tools for creating uniform and smooth surfaces. We provide Multi Cut Papers in a variety of sizes and shapes from reputed brands like Vimal.

Sand Paper

Sanding surfaces to a smooth, even, and seamless finish is easy, when you are armed with a high-quality sand paper. You can buy Sandpaper from us and choose from different types from the well known brand, Norton, in various sizes.

Emery Cloth

Ideal for sanding metals like steel for final fitting, as well as finer sanding tasks without the evident blemishes, Emery Cloth is a preferred tool for many worksmiths. We provide Emery Cloth in varying sizes to suit your requirements.